advanced metal fabrication and manufacturing




  G&H makes extensive use of technologies such as SolidWorks.  


Over the years, G&H has evolved from a machine shop to an advanced metal manufacturer. Definitions of advanced manufacturing vary but most include the following requirements:

  • Must make extensive use of technologies – computer, information and/or high precision
  • Must have a high performance workforce who can maximize the value from technology
  • Must integrate the technology and the workforce into a production system that can make a variety of different products in small or large volumes
  • Must have the flexibility of custom manufacturing in order to respond quickly to customer demands while at the same time performing with the efficiency that comes from mass production


G&H makes extensive use of state-of-the-art technology. We invest heavily in computerized, high precision machines. Our precision machining center is completely automated through computer programming. This allows us to CNC machine in four axes enabling us to meet extremely high performance standards. A majority of our CNC lathes are equipped with live tooling and some with an additional C axis for the live tooling. Our CNC lathes can turn parts up to 25 inches in diameter. Our CNC mills are capable of machining parts as large as 64” x 26” x 26”. All of our CNC mills are equipped with fourth axis capabilities and many are capable of high speed machining and surfacing. We routinely machine and inspect geometric and positional tolerances as tight as +/-.0002” depending on the size/application.


At G&H we have a fully staffed team of degreed engineers. Innovation is fundamental to our organization and our engineering team along with our skilled craftsmen can quickly prototype a complex part as well as produce it in short run quantities. Our design and engineering team utilizes the latest in design software to produce premium results in every precision machined or fabricated metal part. We provide design assistance, engineering assistance, determine the manufacturability of the component, and recommend the best application/process for our customer’s part. This pro-active approach allows our engineers to work with the customer in a timely manner, to resolve manufacturing concerns before production begins. Our Engineering Group supports all phases of the manufacturing process - from the conceptual phase of product development through prototype and production. This ensures maximum efficiency and greatest precision for our customers.

G&H takes customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing very seriously and strives to live up to its motto – Always Building, Always Better. To find out more, contact us today.

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