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  G&H has state-of-the-art CNC precision lathes and mills with 4 axis and live tooling capabilities.  



Our premier operation allows us to CNC machine in four axes. A majority of our CNC lathes are equipped with live tooling and some with an additional C axis for the live tooling. Our CNC lathes can turn parts up to 25 inches in diameter. Our CNC mills are capable of machining parts as large as 64” x 26” x 26”. All of our CNC vertical mills are equipped with fourth axis capabilities and many are capable of high-speed machining and surfacing. Our mill capacity is broadened by our three horizontal mills capable of milling parts 20” x 20” x 20”. Each horizontal has full fourth axis capabilities and dual pallet changers. We routinely machine geometric and positional tolerances as tight as +/-.002” depending on the size/application.

Our CNC machining centers are supported by inspection equipment including a large stock of tooling and gaging as well as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and comparators in our inspection labs.

G&H provides complete CNC machining services including milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, boring, turning, facing, grooving, and more. Our often custom live tooling capacity adds the ability to perform mill type operations without the need for additional setups and handling. In this way we improve quality while reducing cost. These types of advanced CNC machines save time, reduce handling and improve repeatability for precision parts that need complex machining on multiple sides.


No problem is too complex for our highly-trained team of engineers. They frequently design and build custom machinery in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. If we can design a way to make it better, we will. This ability to utilize custom machinery allows us to tighten industry standard specifications as well as enhance efficiencies in our machine shop.


G&H can work with virtually all metal materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, nickel, titanium, tungsten, Inconel and other high temp alloys. We are also experienced working with plastics including Delrin, Peek, Teflon, Lexan, Acrylic, G-10, and Phenolics. In addition, we can work with all shapes of stock including flat bar, angle, channel, sheet metal and tubing.


Even though it is responsible for today’s most advanced precision machining work, the CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining concept was actually developed over 50 years ago by a group of machine tool builders working on parts for the U.S. Air Force. The problem they were trying to solve was how to consistently replicate and reproduce parts that required several machining steps in order to complete. Their goal was to eliminate the variations from part to part that inevitably occurred from many different machine operators. The result of their innovation and others throughout the years is today’s automated CNC machines that are programmed by experienced CNC Machining specialists to run automatically ensuring complete consistency and quality.


The introduction of CNC machines has been transformational for the manufacturing industry benefitting both suppliers and customers. For the customer, CNC machining makes possible high production runs of complex parts with extremely small tolerance variations, with the resulting parts being virtually identical in all aspects. Now, curves are as easy to cut as straight lines and complex 3D structures are relatively easy to produce.

For manufacturers, CNC machines have many benefits. First, they reduce labor requirements and costs because one CNC machine operated by one specialist can do the work of several machines and operators. In addition, because the work is automated, there are fewer errors and less rework which saves costs. Of course, this also benefits the customer with lower costs and faster turn-around. Finally, the CNC machine creates a safer work environment since operators program and monitor the machining process but are no longer involved in the actual machining steps.

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