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  G&H makes thousands of parts every year for the oilfield. These parts range in size from the smallest bracket or seal to very large platforms and frames. The company has been producing perforation components and hardware for 28 years. Learn more about what we manufacture.  


We are manufacturers. We do much more than just make parts. We assume a partnership role with customers that goes far beyond maintaining dimensions and tolerances. G&H offers engineering support, complete manufacturing project management, risk sharing in new product development, and superior quality. With over fifty years experience in many manufacturing disciplines, each G&H customer can be assured we will understand exactly what they want before a job begins. Complimenting this solid understanding of manufacturing processes and commitment to client service, are G&H state of the art facilities and equipment.

Engineering: G&H degreed engineers oversee every job we touch. They review the design, materials, specifications, and end requirements of each component or assembly to evaluate and improve its manufacturability.  Many times these examinations result in design changes that reduce cost, and they always provide the customer with ample assurance we can and will do exactly as specified. 

Project Management: G&H manufacturing capacity goes well beyond making simple parts.  We produce assemblies and subassemblies that require the complete array of manufacturing skills such as material selection, sourcing, buy-out componentry, sub-contracting special services, assembly, packaging, shipping and more. The ability to handle each of these responsibilities is a result of many years of experience and a complete understanding of the manufacturing marketplace.  G&H customers find a turn key solution, and can streamline production and reduce workload by leveraging our range of services.

Risk Sharing: If there is one attribute benefiting our customers more than any other it is our willingness to work with them in the development of new products. We assume the role of manufacturer and will go to extraordinary lengths to make sure our customer is successful. We may design and build custom machinery, develop dedicated cost reducing processes, invest time and energy into quality enhancing features, etc. In short, G&H is far more comfortable sharing risk with our customer than the shop that wants to be paid for every turn of a bolt!

Quality: We go far beyond the minimum requirements to assure our customers the highest quality. Quality is much more than tolerances and ISO certifications. We believe true excellence is a result of experience and training. It does not happen overnight and only happens if top management is committed to quality. G&H has made that commitment.

Production: Not only is G&H committed to providing superior quality, service and engineering support, we have excellent facilities and equipment to execute a variety of manufacturing functions, including the following.


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