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  G&H has all your fabrication needs covered from Laser cutting and welding to tube bending and metal forming.  


G&H offers a wide range of fabrication capabilities, allowing us to produce complex weldments, CNC punched components, sheet metal enclosures, highly detailed and accurate laser cut components and many other sophisticated fabrications.  Combine our fabrication capabilities with CNC Machining and Metal Finishing and G&H customers have a one stop shop for their project needs.

Fabricating accounts for 120,000 sq ft of our total of 170,000 sq ft of shop space. All space is dual crane equipped and is flexible to handle large weldments or tens of thousands of ½” steel clips. We are comfortable with 1” thick steel plate or 005” thick stainless foil. Over the 54 years of our existence, there is not much we have not seen in the metals fabrication industry.

G&H offers fabrication expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Flat and tubular laser cutting
  • CNC sheet metal stamping
  • Hard tooled Stamping
  • Tool and Die services
  • Hard tooled forming
  • Brake forming
  • Tig, Mig and FluxCore welding
  • CNC Tube bending (Round and N-shaped)
  • Sawing
  • Grinding


G&H takes a very advanced approach to weldments and assemblies. We use our Solidworks design software and our MasterCam CAD/CAM  to engineer Slot and Tab designs which are the preferred construction method for sheet metal joints because they provide the most accurate positioning at the lowest cost.

To find out more about G&H metal fabrication capabilities, please contact us today.

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