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  G&H has in-house hard tooling capabilities with experts in producing stage, progressive, compound or drawing tools and associated fixturing.  


G&H has been building hard tooling and producing production stampings since 1958. Today we continue to be leaders in this area of fabrication with tonnage capabilities ranging from 25 through 175 tons. All of these machines are coil-ready with modern servo-drive feeds and straighteners. Our wide range of press tonnage and bed sizes can produce metal stamping solutions to meet virtually every challenge. We also offer four-slide and multi-slide capabilities as well as standard progressive and compound produced parts.

We are a complete metal stamping supplier with in-house hard tooling expertise. Our tool builders are experts in producing stage, progressive, compound or drawing tools and associated fixturing for efficient manufacturing production.

Combining our tooling and stamping capabilities with our in-house EDM, heat treating, and precision machining capabilities makes G&H a single source for tooling construction, repair and maintenance. Whether our customers are blanking, forming, or drawing we can supply quality hard tooling at a reasonable cost.

Our four-slide/multi-slide capabilities for producing high volumes of small sheet metal parts take G&H customers well beyond traditional punch press stamping. These machines allow our customers to acquire low cost stampings with minimum tooling charges due to the inherent flexibilities of these machines. For high volume users of sheet metal stampings this option will more than meet their needs. 

Finally, G&H is equipped to produce low volume stampings and sheet metal components using low-cost “quick tools”, press brakes and other sheet-metal equipment.

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