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  G&H can handle projects from prototype to volume production quantities.  


Our precision machining capabilities are second to none. G&H employs a complete compliment of turning centers, vertical and horizontal mills, wire EDM, grinders and more. Machining cells are fully supported by the necessary secondary equipment such as saws, drills and mills. Our 30,000 sq. ft., air conditioned machine shop is serviced by dual overhead cranes and numerous jib cranes. This shop was designed from the ground up to be cost efficient.


G&H is a complete contract manufacturer which gives our customers a machining supplier that understands the role we play towards cost reduction. We do not machine for the sake of doing so, but rather examine the end product and make in-depth decisions as to whether other less expensive processes can achieve the desired result. In many cases weldments have been substituted for machined components at greatly reduced cost. Laser cutting of tubular and flat materials very nearly match machining tolerances at a fraction of the cost. In summary, we help our customers reach their goal in the most cost effective way possible and we do this through a deep understanding of manufacturing processes.


G&H boasts the most up to date solid modeling and machining program software available to the market today. Our degreed engineers model virtually every part that goes into the shop whether or not we receive models from the customer. Rarely do we machine componentry from 2 dimensional drawings. Our Solidworks software is 100% compatible with the Mastercam CAD/CAM suite of machine programming. This methodology virtually eliminates programming errors and drawing interpretations. It is a very clear example of “What you see – is what you get."

Our Engineering Software includes:

  • Solidworks
  • Mastercam CAD-CAM System

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