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  G&H has achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification and has a dedicated inspection department.  


We at G&H Diversified Manufacturing care a great deal about quality, and this commitment to high quality has been vital to our success. Our focused efforts around quality are outlined below:

  • All of our work is inspected at each phase of production, ensuring a dimensionally correct and high quality finished product.
  • All of our measuring equipment is calibrated at regular intervals to assure high quality and full traceability to federal standards.
  • We utilize a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) which provides advanced ways of measuring part dimensions. Often, they are the only way to measure Geometric Dimensions and Tolerances (GD&T). Investing in a CMM allows G&H to insure parts always meet client specifications.
  • We maintain ISO 9001:2008 certification of our Quality Management System through WCS.
  • We have a dedicated inspection department. All inspection procedures and equipment are to ISO 9001/2008 standards.
  • Our quality processes are documented, and we can provide “cradle to grave” documentation for each order.
  • We place inspection stations throughout our shops for in-process inspection by the employees manufacturing the parts. G&H quality inspectors are not only responsible for the inspection process but they train the employees in the proper methods of inspection and provide verification of conformance to customer requirements.
  • We are an approved supplier for some of the largest oilfield companies in the world. These companies regularly audit our quality procedures.


G&H has the following inspection equipment:

Inspection Equipment
Coordinate Measuring Machinees (CMM)
Mitutoyo AR-10 Hardness Tester
3 - Digital Height Gages (Range: 0 - 26")
2 - Optical comparators
All Standard inspection tools

G&H takes customer satisfaction and quality manufacturing very seriously and strives to live up to its motto – Always Building, Always Better. To find out more, contact us today.

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